Saturday, October 29, 2011

He's glad we twisted his arm to join CC

We just realized we haven't spotlighted Dave and Anne's wedding, which we attended this past July. This is the couple who got engaged on stage in May at our Cache' Connections Expo in Peoria in May 2011.

Dave is an acquaintance of Founder Kim's husband, Ed. When a Cache' Connections Live! event was coming up in Central Illinois in November 2010, Ed encouraged Dave to check it out. Dave was very reticent to attend, but he did. That night, Kim encouraged him to sign up for the website and again, he reluctantly agreed. Staying with the theme of "Reluctant Dave," Linda called him and talked him into attending a Cache' Coffee Connections event about three weeks later, stating that we needed him to even out the male/female ratios or we might need to cancel the event. Wouldn't you know that Dave met a cute gal named Anne, who was not a member but decided to attend the Cache' Connections event because her friend had found a successful relationship there. Dave gave her Anne card, but it took a little while for them to connect. In fact, they connected a few months later through Facebook because Anne never joined Anne and Dave quickly fell in love. Linda ran into them at Northwoods Community Church one Spring Sunday and observed that they couldn't stop telling her about all the things they have in common, how each one had the qualities they'd been praying for, not to mention the way they kept looking into each others' eyes and holding hands.

Sometimes it takes a two- or three-pronged approach to finding the mate you desire. Why not throw your hat in the ring? Join the website in October and save 70% off of any subscription. (Promo code: OCT70.) Also, be on the lookout for a Christian Dating Redefined group coming to your area, or better yet, talk to your church leaders about hosting an area-wide singles ministry. We have found that churches respond better to their own flock.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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