Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Just Lunch - With Area Pastors

Christian Dating Redefined ... that's the name of area-wide singles groups will be popping up soon, Lord willing. We've held two luncheon meetings already with area singles leaders and pastors - one in Peoria, Illinois and another in Springfield, Illinois. So far the feedback from these info-lunches has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are in the process of nailing down venues for the groups to meet in each of these two areas.

Today we will be meeting with pastors in Bloomington, Illinois and Thursday we will travel to Naperville, Illinois to explain the concept and program outline that we've been working on for the past two months. We've found that it is partly true that "a way to a man's heart is through his stomach" ... or at least it's an acceptable, friendly approach for pitching an idea that comes out of left field for most of them. We've also learned that once church leaders meet us, the founders of Cache' Connections, in person, they suddenly realize that online dating isn't quite so scary, after all.

We will continue to set up meetings in the coming months and will be establishing and launching groups simultaneously. Areas on the near horizon are the Quad Cities, St. Louis area, Indianapolis, Indiana and Champaign, Illinois.

In a nutshell, the Christian Dating Redefined singles groups will be managed by Cache' Connections, run by local volunteers and backed by area churches. The focus of the groups will be healthy Christian dating, and the teaching will be in the form of DVD's recorded by well-respected Christian relationship experts. As Dr. Stephen W. Simpson said in the Christian Dating Redefined DVD produced by Cache' Connections, "We need a new model for dating." We need to get on the same page and with the power of unity and numbers, stamp out the message that society is sending, which is: "Anything goes!"

If you live in an area that would support such an area-wide group, please contact us to receive a packet that you can present to your church.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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