Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Two engagements pending!

Yes, that's right. Love (and ring shopping) is in this cold winter air at Cache' Connections!

Couple No. 1 - connected through the website earlier this year and have made several trips to visit each other in person. The love proclaimed, the ring secured. When will the question be popped?

Couple No. 2 - even more interesting. Connected through the website, sorta. I believe it was a "Not Interested" type of situation. It could have had something to do with her 10 children, but details are sketchy. So, they later met at a Cache' Connections event. For now, let's just say we, their matchmakers, made sure they met. In fact, everyone made sure they met.

What's especially exciting is that both of these relationships have Christ at the center, glory to God! Stay tuned for the full stories!

~ Linda

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