Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Today we are heading up to Naperville, IL for a New Year's Eve event in partnership with Calvary Church, one of our favorite hosts. This event is actually sponsored by the church and we are coming along side to help with advertising, connections, etc. It's pretty easy! We just show up with an icebreaker and try not to steal the show, tee hee.

So ... if you haven't made plans, step on out of that boat, out into the cold and place yourself in the company of like-minded believers. There will be no alcohol or dancing, for those who have inquired. But a lot of laughs! Internationally renowned comedian Nazareth will steal the show at about 11:00 and then we'll ring in the New Year with a prayer and non-alcoholic toast.

I've already promised one facebook friend I'll introduce her around, as she is coming alone. Look us up - that's what we are here for: connecting Christian singles

I'd write more but my chariot awaits ...

~ Linda

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