Friday, December 4, 2009

Free Christmas Offer + News on NYE09!

In the spirit of Christmas, today we decided to give back to those who have in any way expressed an interest in Cache' Connections in the past, as well as new subscribers. We are quite busy welcoming new members and are pleased to say that most of them seem to be genuinely grateful! If you or someone you know is a Christian single, please encourage them to check out this offer on the home page at

On the New Year's Eve front, we are trying something very different. We are partnering with Calvary Church in Naperville, which isn't such a new thing. What is entirely different is that we are opening this event up to married people as well.

It all started when some of the married employees of the church expressed an interest in attending this gala event, which includes a incredible dinner and comedy by Nazareth. After tossing the idea around for a few weeks and getting approval from the appropriate parties, we've decided to give it a try! We'll just have different colors on the name tags to differentiate whether folks are single or married.

We're thinking this may even draw a whole new singles crowd that we've never met before in the Naperville area. What do you think?

~ Linda

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