Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 10 Reasons - Why Cache'?

Okay, so for our New Year's talk, we are doing an informal poll of our members and friends' top 10 reasons why they would choose Cache' Connections. Our friend Jim, who is pretty handy when it comes to forming sentences, had these submissions - enjoy!


10. The Devil has a popular dating service but the obligations can be lengthy
9. Only Cache builds in a questionnaire item on how many tattoos your biker girl has
8. Shakespeare says to err is human but it take a secular computer dating service to really mess things up!
7. Yoked or unyoked? If you aren't a true believer and try to sign up the yoke will be on you!
6. The girls here know more about scripture than who won on American Idol
5. The food at our meet-up events is great and we require full length pictures if you worry about expanding more than your horizons
4. Most of the guys here believe in abstinence before marriage, if they don't the gals believe in dumping before dessert!
3. Expert chat sessions give sane advice when dating feels crazy
2. Membership is cheap and easy and fortunately the female members aren't!
1. Three out of Four Christian dentists recommend Cache for their patients that chew gum.

~ Linda


Anonymous said...

The wit and wisdom is staggering. Handsome lug, too! :-/ (whistling innocently)

Anonymous said...

The same, infinitely