Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Your Pet Peeves Pertaining to Online Dating

Here are the results of a recent Facebook poll, asking "what are your online dating pet peeves?"

Stacey: I like it when the guys take time to get to know a woman. Some men seem like they are on a time table and need to seal the deal quick. These men say to me by that speed that they aren't interested in ME, they are just interested in being in a relationship.

Mario: When you state "locals only" and you get request from Manila LOL. Pictures from high school or tiny pictures you cannot see, blurry dark pictures or no pictures. Idealism.... The killer of any relationship.

Lee: When I find a gorgeous, beautiful girl's profile with a very general, non-specific description. Then when you message them, they immediately want you to switch over to email without getting to know each other. It's usually a Russian-scam/con-artist or similar scum. Use the golden discerning rule: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Doug: Ladies whose profiles basically say "if your not ready to marry me next week don't contact me . Nobody wants to date anymore they think online dating is like ordering a book on the internet.

Jeff: When I used a popular internet dating site, I went through about 750 different matches over a period of about 5 years. My biggest pet peeve were the women who were on the site but obviously not ready to make a commitment (at least not to me) yet they were engaged on this site. Dating is hard work. So a lot of these women thought that a magic genie in a bottle would jump out and show them what to do instead of them doing the substantial work. And then the pendulum would swing the other way and they would want to get married next week. So go figure??

Cari: Men that don't say hardly anything about themselves on their profiles and have blurry far away pictures or thee ole' shirt off in the bathroom mirror taken by themselves with their phone. You are marketing yourself doesn't sound the greatest but that's what it is.

Les: You're on a "Christian" dating site and the only pictures you have of yourself are in a bar holding a bottle of beer?

Dee Dee: You're on a Christian dating site and the profile summary speaks nothing of your relationship with God. Annoying much!!

Lisa: Men who think you owe them a date just because you responded to their message. I politely responded to one that I wasn't interested in him but wished him the best, and he told me I should take my profile off if I wasn't interested.

Cari: Haha Lisa That's funny! I had a guy list all of his "Christian" credentials including where he went to college and his kids being saved etc...I still didn't want to go out with him he was too far away among other things like a temper : /....he got so upset and kept writing horrible things and I had to block him...

Michelle: Some just cannot take no for an answer!

Les: Or how about the time you saw a profile and thought "wow" and spent some time writing this person putting some thought into it only to never get a reply!

Heather: When you send an email and they send you an email that tells you absolutely nothing about themselves.

Do you see yourself in any of these scenes? At Cache' Connections, we encourage all members to respectfully respond to all messages and treat one another as you would prefer to be treated (Matt 7:12.)

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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