Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Get married, make babies and do government."

This is a quote from Dr. Hubert Morken, a professor at Regent University. I picked it up in Candice Watters' book titled, "Get Married - What Women Can Do to Help It Happen." She opens the book with a story of a day she was sitting in class learning about all the ways our country is slipping from its constitutional foundations. When Candice posed the question, "So what's the solution?" Dr. Morken's simple antidote was just this: "Get married, make babies, and do government! That's how we win."

Candice, not yet having the opportunity to marry, apparently was working on her Master's degree so that she could continue her work in Washington to defend the rights of traditional families. The single spitfire replied, "I want to be married. But that opportunity hasn't come my way. So I've devoted myself to working on behalf of families. I'm doing all this hard work so they can enjoy their cozy life in the suburbs," she said with not a little envy and bitterness.

Dr. Morken replied with a laugh, "Candice, do the math. The people who form families, who raise children and send them into the next generation, are the ones who will influence where our government and culture go in the future." Dr. Morken went on to explain that the creation mandate has never been rescinded. In fact, it's been part of our basic pitch at Cache' Connections: marriage is the backbone of our society and our government.

Dr. Morken's wife Mary, known as somewhat of a matchmaker herself, played a huge role as a mentor to Candice and to many other women, helping them see some practical and philosophical changes they need to make in order to become marriage minded and to attract a mate. This book is packed with practical, mindset-changing advice for those who desire to get married and helps clear away some of the scriptural misinterpretations concerning marriage. Follow Candice on her journey that took her from the state of singleness to a happy marriage to the guy who wouldn't commit.

We highly recommend that you get a copy for yourself - and one for your single friends, too! It's time that we get over our self-focus and get married, have babies, and do government, according to God's design.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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