Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How do you wait?

I posted a random question on Facebook one day last week. It simply read, "Someone tell me please how to wait on God. What do you do while waiting?" I really like some of these answers. Since singles do their fair share of waiting, we thought you could gain some wisdom for yourselves:

Tracy: Pray.

Lisa: Something else that He has right in front of you to do, even if it's mundane. Or go take a run and wear yourself out!

Christa: Rest...

Alerice: via Dr. Samantha Phillips: 'Waiting on God' is not supposed to be a passive stance. When you truly believe, you take DAILY deliberate action towards your breakthrough! Never use faith as a mask for laziness! There is no such thing as doing nothing & being in faith for a breakthrough. Take at least one step each day towards your dream! 1 phone call, follow up, etc. but whatever you do, don't let this day pass without forward movement. It's a CHOICE not something that happens to you! What will YOU do today in faith for your dream??

Christa: Hbr 4:10 For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God [did] from His.

Sandra: Whenever we're 'waiting' we are-looking or expecting-so i do all the same things i always do, but with the expectation that i will see the Lord move or answer in some way.

Dick: Remember time is "meaningless" to God. So while we "wait" on Him, we should revel in His glory, praise Him continually, pray unceasingly. He will answer "by and by".

Keith: Psalm 37:34 which says "Wait on the Lord..." is also translated, in the New Living Translation like this: "Put your hope in the LORD". So as we wait, we're supposed to actually wait. To trust in HIM to accomplish what we're seeking for and praying for, and not seek, in our own strength and means, to carry it out. So often, we miss God's plan because we FAIL to wait on the Lord. Although this is often seen as passive by many of our brethren, let me hasten to add, it is never passive to agressively WAIT! It is very difficult to do. PATIENCE is a virture not well learned by many.

Cari: Pray and Pray and EAT! :) Oh and uh exercise and sing the John Waller Song ~ While I'm waiting.... ALOT!! :)

Rick: While you wait you keep on with the business of His kingdom.

Lisa: In Mary Kay they tell us to "work while you wonder". I think we often wait on God to see what He has in store for us, but in my experience I have discovered His blessings by actively seeking them, not sitting around waiting for things to happen.

Cathy: Just trust the Lord while...going back to college, work out to get in the best shape of your life, enjoy being single and... freezing your eggs (which is what I'll probably do). Understand that God made Eve for a reason, lol!

Shirley: When I put something in God's hands I then go about my daily business. When my question or my request gets answered, I know it. I wait (in that I don't try to MAKE something happen) but I'm going about my daily business while I'm waiting.

Carol: You do what you would do if you were a "waitress"....serve Him the best you can!!!!!

Dawn: You continue to PRAY...and have faith that God's gonna do what needs to be done....

Nancy: Do what you can do , God will do what you can't !

Carrol: God is waiting on us. From what I see you post, you seem to be a go getter. Sometimes God wants to teach us go getters, that waiting for Him is obedience even though for us waiting seems to be a waste. I'm an overachiever and God has used waiting as a way to wait on Him and his timing. He knows what He has in store for us. We don't.

Debby: I try to remember His faithfulness in the past; that keeps me going for quite awhile!

Tom: Hey Linda, you keep praying, trusting and believing. Stand on the promises of the Word of God. Hope that helps :)

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