Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anne Marie, will you marry me?

Here is the video of the newly engaged Cache' couple, Dave and Anne from Central Illinois. They were sharing their story of how they connected through a Cache' Connections event at the Cache' Connections Christian Dating Redefined Expo on 5/20/11. This success story turned into a marriage proposal in front of approximately 100 singles who were wowed, encouraged and privileged to share in this couple's special moment.

We remember Dave ... a friend of Kim's husband, he had to be talked into attending his first CC event last November. We later strongly encouraged him to attend the December event where he met Anne. He was hesitant - like so many singles. But he got out of the boat - and look at his catch!

Thank you, Dave and Anne, for sharing your story with us. Not only does it give other singles hope, but it encourages the founders of Cache' Connections to keep moving forward with the plans God has for us.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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