Friday, December 2, 2011

We share some of your frustrations.

In many ways, I believe that God is working on Kim and me through Cache' Connections. (Doesn't he always? Rom 8:28) It's no secret that this is not a get-rich-quick business success story. Although we entered into this business with big plans for an investor to help us with marketing so that we could compete with other dating sites, God, in his infinite wisdom, had other things in mind for us. He's more into the crawl, walk, run, "grow Kim and Linda" business plan. So year after year, we plow through the daily tasks, continue to brainstorm ideas and work to make Cache' Connections the place to be for Christian singles. So, we are waiting, hoping and doing what we can - just like you.

Another way we can identify and empathize with our single friends is in the all-too-common complaint of unanswered messages. We make a lot of phone calls. I mean a lot. And we send a lot of messages ... to churches and to singles. Whether it's inviting members to an event, asking them about a potential arranged date, or asking a church leader to consider hosting or promoting a Christian Dating Redefined group, we are putting ourselves out there. Much like we ask you to do - put yourself out there - in the way of sending messages, uploading your primary photos, and taking advantage of the other tools and articles available to you at Cache' Connections.

It comes as a surprise to our single friends when we tell them that many churches are hesitant to partner with Cache' Connections and they don't return our phone calls. Many singles see CC as a much-needed oasis, a long-awaited for advocate for Christian singles who deeply desire to be married to another believer. And thankfully some churches see us that way too: "Finally, someone to help us minister to singles!" Others, however, see red flags. There's a variety in the shades of red, but sometimes it seems that by and large, the Church is just not that interested in dealing with singles. It's not their focus. But that's probably another blog.

So if you are frustrated that you send messages that don't get returned, know that we are frustrated too. If you began talking with someone and they suddenly got lost in cyber-space, we've been left hanging by the best of them, too. We all need to pray for wisdom and discretion and grace in dealing with people. While Jesus was clear in his directive to "do unto others as we would have them do unto us," we at Cache' Connections often feel "under-done," so to speak. We need to decide in our hearts how many times to approach the plate, and when to put the bat down and wait for the next inning. And then we need to commit those who have not responded to us to the Lord to deal with.

While it's easy to complain about what others are not doing to satisfy us, we also need to focus on what we are doing. At Cache' Connections, we strive to answer all emails and phone messages. If we all do our best to follow God's word in this life, what a wonderful world it would be :)

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." Romans 12:18

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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