Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy 50th Linda!

Finally, I get a little "payback" to Linda as she got quite a kick out of broadcasting my 50th birthday a few years ago.  So let the fun begin!  HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY LINDA!

Actually, we've done a lot of reflecting lately as we are coming up on our 5 year Anniversary of launching Cache' Connections.  I don't want to make her head swell, but I do have to admit that she's been a pretty spectacular biz partner.  The qualities I most admire about Linda are definitely her persistence and dedication to "getting the job done."  The most annoying quality is her obsession with grammar.... I really think she should have been an English teacher :)  Although, I do have to admit I have become much better with my words since hanging around together day after day.  But seriously, Linda has been quite an inspiration to me to keep going and to encourage me with God's word when I need to hear it most.

My wish for Linda as she approaches the big 5-0 is that this will be the year she will see the culmination of all her hard work, and God will pour His favor and blessings on her in unfathomable proportions!   No one can really understand what it has taken over the past 5 years to keep this company alive and active.  Relentless is the first word that comes to mind when speaking of Linda's qualities, and without Linda, many of our couples would have never met.

Please let her know how much you appreciate her dedication to providing this matchmaking service for Christian singles, and always committing to glorifying God in the process.

You can connect with her on Facebook or email her at

Cache' Connections

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Linda said...

Thank you dear Kim. Lovely, just lovely. And I concur with your wish for me!