Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Happy Couple: Beth and Isaac!

This connection has been brewing for about seven months now, so we are happy that Beth and Isaac are willing to share their connection story with friends of Cache' Connections.

You can read all of Beth and Isaac's input HERE. I'll print part of it here, because I want to bring out a few points at the bottom of this blog post.

Beth: In the fall of 2010 I (Beth) started a job in a new office where several Christians worked and some of those new friends began to set me up on dates. None of them worked out but one of the friends told me about Cache Connections (she knew a couple of girls who had had great success on CC) so I decided to give it a try.

I had been on Cache Connections for about 2 months. I had met some really great guys but no mutual desire to continue any of those relationships resulted.

At that point I decided to go back through all my contacts and take another look making sure I had not overlooked someone that would be interesting to meet.

That is when I found Isaac's profile. His pictures were not the best quality but I could tell he was a good looking guy. I joked with Linda about taking my camera on the first date so that I could help him get some decent photos up on the site (good thing that never happened! It was obvious his faith was sincere and that his values were very similar to mine.

I sent Isaac a short email to say hello and within 24 hrs he responded. During that week he let me know that he was praying for me and sent me a scripture (it was one of my favorites). We exchanged our conversion stories right away and before long Isaac suggested a coffee date.

The day we met we sat and talked for about 3 hours and were very upfront with each other. That is one of the things I really appreciated about Isaac and still do - no beating around the bush. It was obvious he was looking for a relationship that would lead to marriage and I was impressed that he had a vision for having not just a good marriage but a great one. Isaac and I talked about our families and how important they were to us. The way he spoke about his mom, dad and siblings was so endearing ...

Isaac: First, I am very grateful to God for your faithful ministry of prayer for single Christians who seek the Lord's will for their lives including a spouse who would love the Lord. Also, your priceless assistance to us in different and creative ways to connect singles in a very safe, fun, and friendly environment. May the Lord richly bless you and your ministry.

About eight months ago I was talking with one of my friends who happened to be one of Cache Connections' members and he explained this valuable website to me. I was not comfortable trying to find my future spouse on dating websites whose members were not believers, but there was something drastically different with Cache Connection. They had a faith statement that was Biblically sound and immediately I felt peace in my heart even though I still had doubts about being able to find what I wanted in a future wife online.

Ten Things I Love About This Love Story:

1. They met online.
2. Both heard about CC through friends.
3. Beth re-searched through her Not Interested tab to give those profiles more consideration.
4. Both are interested in a relationship leading to marriage.
5. Beth was open-minded about the different cultures.
6. Both have thankful hearts.
7. "May the Lord richly bless you and your ministry." What's not to love about that?
8. Beth sent the first message.
9. Both are in their mid-forties and never married.
10. They are so darn cute together!!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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